A Weblog Aggregator Ping Proxy

BlogPing 1.6 Uploaded

This release should have gone up ages ago, but I’m afraid I forgot! Enough with the excuses and on with the summary.

This isn’t a terribly big release, mainly fixing a bunch of minor bugs. It does, however, restore the old programmatic ping functionality. This is a quiet version of the regular form post, but includes an extra fields, called ‘quiet’, which trims the output down to something parsable by a computer without having to do any crazy screen scraping.

BlogPing 1.5 Uploaded

I committed BlogPing 1.5 from my BZR repository to the project's SVN repository earlier today and released it for download. It's smaller, faster, and less ugly.

If you're intending on upgrading, it's changed internally quite a bit. In particular, the setting and envelope templates have been folded into the main source, so you'll need to merge your existing settings into it.

Where's the source?

Sorry I haven't uploaded and released the new source. For various reasons, I won't have access to the project's SVN repository till the 20th of this month. I'll be uploading the revised source then.

Resurrecting the project

I haven't had the need to work on BlogPing for a long, long time now, but I was going through some older code of mine at the weekend, and decided to put BlogPing on a diet and give it a good spruce up.

The result is BlogPing 1.5, which is much smaller than BlogPing 1.1 now that all the cruft has been removed. It also has a nicer default template and is pretty much standalone. It hasn't yet been committed, but a copy of it is live and running the revived Irish Weblog Ping Proxy, if anyone wants to see it in a action.

We have a logo!

Yummy, isn’t it!

The font is the rather wonderful Yanone Kaffeesatz with a bit of negative kerning to make it fashionable and all ‘Web 2.0’. Go get it!

BlogPing 1.1.1 (Bugfix) Uploaded

I’ve just uploaded version 1.1.1. This fixes the distribution to include the missing lib/antifwk/time.inc file, and changes the license from the BSD license to the MIT license with a clause specifying that it is subject to EU and Irish law.

Welcome to BlogPing

BlogPing is a small PHP web application similar to Ping-o-Matic. It allows people using services such as Blogger (which I’m using to manage this site) to notify weblog aggregators and services such as Weblogs.com, Technorati, Bloglines, and others that their weblogs have been updated.

I uploaded and released the first version of BlogPing earlier today. You can download BlogPing 1.1 and give it a whirl.